Media Association for Social service (MASS)

About Us: Media Association for Social service (MASS) is an organization of journalists, writers and social workers with a vast network of like minded persons in several state of India. MASS has in its aims and objective to use mass media as an effective tool to bring out positive changes in different walks of the society. The organization works and desire to work further with social and governmental organizations in the field of education, health, environment, voters and investors education and awareness etc.

Area Of Operations: Mass is mainstream journalist’s network. An Independent and self motivated Team, committed to Social Welfare through media strategy and communications.  Thus, our sole objective is to Encourage, Educate and Empower the society through all the sources of Media. We are working in both print and internet media.

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Editorial Team

Editor:  Nandni jaouli  ( She served in Europe as a journalist in the last ten years. She was in Bonn, Germany as editor with Radio Deutsche Welle (DW). Then she moved to London, UK, where she worked for DW’s South Asia service as well as for the English daily, the Pioneer as a correspondent. Nandini also has a writing diploma from the Guardian and the East Anglia University, UK.) 

 Editor; Harsha Vardhan  is a senior journalist with 37+ years of experience in print media. He worked with Hindustan Times, The Times of India, United News of India, The Statesman, Financial Express and Convergence Plus at senior editorial posts.)

Associate Editor ; Pramod Kumar  having over 15  years experience in print, electronic and new age Media.He worked with Bhaskar Group, Prabhat khabar etc.)

Associate Editor ; Gorav Aggarwal having over 12 years experience in electronic  Media.


Bureau chief (uttar pradesh) ; Shyam Aggarwal

Bureau chief (Bihar) ; Pankaj Rai

Bureau chief (uttarakhand) ; Nikhil Pant

Bureau chief (Delhi) ; Sachin Verma

Bureau chief (Raipur);  P.N.Panday

Correspondent (Madhya pradesh) ; Mudit Saxena